Day 17: Wednesday 12 June – Tseri Night Shoot

Last day!!! And the car conks out just as we complete our last driving shot…impeccable timing!

Our good friends Maria Christodoulou and Natalie Sey joined our set and brought yummy treats for the crew (it’s a wonderful thing that the Mediterraneans show love with food!). Our costume designer Jo Katsaras came for a final goodbye, and it was very fitting that good friend and fellow filmmaker Efi Modestou, who was there at the very beginning beginning of this project made an appearance at the very end. Also a shout-out to Erato Aristotelous who was with us for the entire shoot just for the experience of it! That kind of generosity is truly treasured!

So we left the extreme heat of the day and tasted the biting cold of night. Wrapped in fleece blankets, we made our way through our last shots until we finally wrapped at 3:15am!!!


Day 16: Tuesday 11 June – Kalo Chorio / Cavo Greco

Pick-up shots day! Any shots that got left behind were done today. Our little convoy of cars (classic and otherwise), truck and vans took one of their last road trips accompanied by a walkie-talkie karaoke game! Cavo Greco had the repeat challenge of sunset-catching and tourist-chasing and, aside from two passing party-boats and one rudeContinue Reading

Day 15: Monday 10 June – Ag Theodoros / Asinou Church

Long day up in the mountains. Driving shots in Agios Theodoros and then a giddy afternoon at Asinou Church. This a beautiful location and a UNESCO Heritage site that we were kindly allowed to film at. We were also joined by the formidable Demetris Xystras for a cameo role that only he could do!  

Day 14: Saturday 8 June – Agios Sozomenos

This was a much better day. Agios Sozomenos is a great location with fascinating ruins…and it’s quiet! We also had some special visitors. One of them has a surprise cameo in the film, the others were good friends and fellow filmmakers. We got our shots, and ended the day with a loud/hilarious visit and beers kindlyContinue Reading

Day 13: Fri 7 June – Alamino/Tekke/Perivolia/Tersefanou

That’s right, four locations in one day and, being the 13th day, we were just asking for it. The first two locations went well. Pervolia involved blocking a major road which was rough (ever dealt with angry truck drivers?) but Tersefanou was the real clincher. This was a location we had scouted and visited severalContinue Reading

Day 12: Thursday 6 June – Lefkara / Ladies Mile, Limassol

A nice light day after the grueling day before. Lefkara is one of the quaintest, most colourful villages in Cyprus so it was lots of fun to shoot there. The director’s father (who was celebrating his 70th birthday) and uncle came down to play tavli in a scene. As it turns out, the director’s father wasContinue Reading

Day 11: Wednesday 5 June – Cavo Greco

Fantastic location, gorgeous scenes. Joined by Steadicam Nick again and half the tourists of Cyprus. One of our first scenes was near a field that happened to be filled with hayballs (somewhat of a theme in this film). For some reason, this is a big photo op for tourists and they came down like ants. SomehowContinue Reading

Day 10: Tuesday 4 June – Petrolina Station, Tseri

One of the few days where we weren’t in a field in the middle of nowhere. We were also joined by some kind friends for featured roles…two of which involved minor abuse…you’ll have to see the film to see what we mean…

Day 9: Monday 3 June – Larnaca Seaside

Great day, fun scenes…it’s always good when you can dip your toes in the sea in between takes…  

Day 8: Sat 1 June – Athalassa Park / Agios Theodoros

This was one of those days…it was the end of the week, cast and crew were exhausted and met with the following: – sand storm at Athalassa Park – we pack up and move to our next location only to find a collapsed telephone pole on the way (see photo) – we get past theContinue Reading